Salary: To State – or – Not To State?

handmoneyIf you answer an ad that requests you state the salary you are seeking, how do you handle this? Deflect it with “We can discuss salary expectations more easily in person during an interview” – or state out and out “I will work for nothing less than $40,000/year!!!”

Some employers may toss your resume on the “garbage heap” if you do not respond with a salary figure when one has been asked for – others will take the attitude that they like your qualifications for the job they are trying to fill, and broach the salary question in person at an interview.

One suggestion to keep your resume “in the running” and out of the circular file (aka garbage can!), is to state a range. Something along the lines of “salary expectation is in the $30,000-$40,000/year range, but of course this is dependent upon many factors including the type of work that is involved in this position as well as the benefits offered by your company” may just get you the initial foot in the door.

If there are no benefits offered by the company, then you would want to veer toward the higher end of the salary range for the type of work you are seeking. On the other hand, if there is a wonderful benefit package that includes dental, vision, disability, and other perks, you may want to keep your options open with taking a job that will pay in the lower “actual salary” range because these benefit perks are worth a lot of $ to you!

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