Spelling – It IS Important!

spellingIt is such a simple thing – to spell correctly – and yet, many folks do not take this seriously!

How hard can it be to proofread a short blurb to put on Kijiji when you are searching for employment?

And yet – there it is – blaring spelling errors that literally jump off the screen in this venue where unemployed (or under-employed) folks are trying to find a job.

The word is “looking” – not “locking” – in one simple ad that is posted now in this area. Does the person posting the ad truly think that an employer will read any more of his/her qualifications if the spelling errors are so blatant?
Everyone makes errors from time to time – nobody is immune to it. But if you are seriously looking for a job, please – PLEASE – take extra care with how you present yourself in the written word to prospective employers.

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